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Nami G. is a working girl, a cat lover, foodie and deeply in love with music. She is currently working full time as an ESL tutor. She loves her work as much as she loves eating. She has a cat named Kamru.

Nami G.'s siamese x ragdoll cat named Kamru
She is good at cooking (at least to her housemate and family). She loves experimenting in the kitchen. (Everything has to taste good, of course!) Most of all, she loves listening to music and singing. She might not be the best singer in the world but her singing is acceptable. (She sings most of the time while in the shower.)

She has been writing since she was a kid. She loved writing letters to her friends and later on joined the school press when she entered high school. Her diaries kept her company during her teenage life. She often writes poems when she's feeling sad, frustrated and overjoyed.

She loves blue sky, beaches, mountains and anything about nature. She wishes to live life to the fullest not just survive each day.


This blog is about reflections from everyday things, wishes, goals and information about random stuff. This blog's purpose is to share some information to others.
This blog might contain poems (from the author or others), personal experiences, travel diaries, posts about food (can be recipes or eating escapades), tips and random things.

Poems and stories in this blog are originally written by the author unless stated.